BAR by The Red Door Live Music & Entertainment

Live Music at the Bar by Red Door

Wednesday – 5pm
Thursday – 5pm
Fridays – 6:30pm
Saturday – 6:30m
Sundays – 5pm

subject to change

Look for the most up-to-date list of performers on our Facebook page

Upcoming Events


Sunday 12/01: Small Kine
Wednesday 12/04: Carlos Velasquez
Thursday 12/05: Gable
Friday 12/06: David Maldonato (Flamenco Guitarist)
Saturday 12/07: David Maldonato (Flamenco Guitarist)
Sunday 12/08: Private Event
Wednesday 12/11: Carlos Velasquez
Thursday 12/12: Alejandro Godin (Saxofonist)
Friday 12/13: private event
Saturday 12/14: Jinnah Williams (Country Music)
Sunday 12/15: Carlos Velasquez
Wednesday 12/18: Alejandro Godin (Saxofonist)
Thursday 12/19: Alejandro Godin (Saxofonist)
Friday 12/20: Jinnah Williams (Country Music)
Saturday 12/21: Alejandro Godin (Saxofonist)
Sunday 12/22: Alejandro Godin (Saxofonist)

Wednesday 12/25: Closed
Thursday 12/26: David Maldonato (Flamenco Guitarist)
Friday 12/27: David Maldonato (Flamenco Guitarist)
Saturday 12/28: David Maldonato (Flamenco Guitarist)
Sunday 12/29: Carlos Velasquez